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Getting Involved

Getting InvolvedGetting involved at Wisconsin Upside Down is easy and there are many ways to do it.  Check out the list below for some current needs.  This list changes often, so make sure you check back often.  If you see something you are interested in contact us at info@wiusd.org.  Many jobs are small and require limited time!

Here are some areas that we are in need of help:

Advisory Board Positions: we look to our advisors when we have specific need of professional guidance.  We are looking for individuals in the following professions, who would be willing to occassionally share their expertise with us:

  • Law Professional
  • Medical Professionals
  • Educators
  • Therapists
  • Mental Health Professional
  • Development Professional

Awareness Campaigns:

  • Distribution of literature to schools, doctors, etc.
  • Speakers to present at schools, businesses and community events.

Board Member Positions:
Getting Involved

  • Currently in need of a Treasurer, CPA preferred
  • Self Advocates
  • Members at Large

Buddy Walk:

  • Co-chair
  • Advertising professional
  • Entertainment
  • Sponsorship
  • Children’s Games Coordinator
  • Resource Area Coordinator
  • Food and Beverage Coordinator

Cancer patient support:

  • Prepare and deliver Patient gift packages
  • Family support person

Childcare for events and meetings

  • Teens and adults to watch over children with and without special needs during parent meetings and events.

Stars Basketball Camp Volunteers

  • This is a fun filled opportunity to help children develop basketball skills.
  • You will run a lot!
  • You will have fun!
  • You will be exhausted when you leave!

Getting InvolvedEducation Director:

  • Plan parent meetings and speakers
  • Works with school educators to plan meetings for educators

Grant Writers: 

  • Identify grants that could benefit WIUSD
  • Write granst on behalf of WIUSD

Legislative Advocacy:

  • Self Advocates
  • State Legislative Advocates
  • National Legislative Advocacy

Getting InvolvedLibrary Director:

  • Choose Books for lending library
  • Librarian help


  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Help Cross-posting

New Parent Support:

  • Prepare and deliver welcome packages to new families

Office Help:

  • Answer phones
  • Help prepare mailings
  • Clerical


  • For Events
  • Calendar

Prenatal Support Volunteer:

  • Medical Staff Education Presenter
  • Family to Family Support

Getting InvolvedPublic Relations:

  • Represent Wisconsin Upside Down at Resource Fairs and Meetings

Self Advocates:

  • Advisor
  • Group Member

Social Events Volunteers:

  • Picnic
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Teen Parties
  • Hip Hop Coffee Shop
  • Mom’s Night Out
  • Dinners
  • Buddy Walk
  • Holiday Party
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Golf Outing


We have many things going on all the time and that takes Time, Talent and some Treasure.  Every program has needs for sponsorship. Our biggest events for sponsorship are out Golf Outing in August and The Buddy Walk in Oactober. Contact Robbin Lyons Robbin@wiusd.org to learn more about sponsorship.

“ See my daughter first, not her disability.”

~ Parent

“I have learned more from my son than I could have ever possibly imagined.
I hope I can give him as much as he has given me as he continues to grow up.”
~Deb Balderas

 Every time the Green Bay Packers make a first down,
UnitedHealthcare will donate to Wisconsin Upside Down!
~First Downs For Down Syndrome

“Our family learns, smiles, laughs, cries and thanks God for not only opening our hearts, but opening our eyes to what the picture [life] should be.”
~Marybeth Mielke

 “Down syndrome is a gift that can’t wait to be opened.”
~Diane Moede

 “One of my greatest joys is when my 3rd grade daughter,
who has Down syndrome, reads me a bedtime story.”
~Robbin Lyons

 “Having a child with Down syndrome has introduced me to so many wonderful people and given me a new respect for the differences in all of us.”
~Amy Elfner

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